Who are the Justin Fashanu All-Stars?

Founding Director Jason Bartholomew Hall, a conceptual artist, seeks to confront the issue of homophobia in football through his art. Persuading people to consider homophobia within the game and question its acceptability, ultimately changing the way our society perceives homosexuality in football, from grass roots level right through to premiership. Each campaign event is a testament to Jason’s capability at creating inspiring public art pieces that fuse art, football and the community together, demonstrating how the game of football need not harbour so much discrimination and can be enjoyed by all backgrounds and capabilities.

Using artwork as one of the ways in which The Justin Campaign communicates its ideals and vision increases our effectiveness in communicating with the most marginalised groups of people, helping establish new relationships between football and our community.

“I want to use my art as a weapon against homophobia.”

Jason hall - Founding Director

Art Against Homophobia