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The Justin Campaign is taking a break over the 2013 season.

After an intensive 2011-2012 campaign, and a fabulously creative and effective 4 years of action, the Justin Campaign is taking a break over the 2013 season. However, don't worry! The fantastic volunteers who make up the Justin Campaign media team will still be posting information and comment via the blog, facebook page and twitter feed. In addition, the Justin Campaign's initiative Football v Homophobia will continue to carry the baton of making football inclusive for all. To find out more about Football v Homophobia and to get involved with the campaign, please visit the website. If you would like to get involved in the Justin Campaign and have ideas for new events, projects, campaigns or activism, then please get in contact via info@thejustincampaign.com

Since our launch in May 2008 The Justin Campaign has quickly built up a reputation for itself in being a resourceful campaign with a number of fresh, creative and effective initiatives.

The campaign’s work spans a variety of different areas. From increasing LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans) participation in football and engaging in strategic work around discrimination against LGBT people in sport to educating youth on the issue and organising fun, friendly events.

Football is celebrated by and influences millions of people worldwide. Unfortunately the institution of football has a long way to go in terms of tackling homophobia, biphobia and transphobia effectively. Giving them the boot in football would represent a great victory for the LGBT community, a huge step in motivating change elsewhere.

The Justin Campaign wants to hear from people from all kinds of backgrounds, who want to work towards a future where the visibility of LGBT people at every level of the game is both accepted and celebrated.

If you are passionate about the cause and want to work with an exciting, forward thinking team we want to hear from you. Whether one of our volunteer roles has taken your fancy – or you have other ideas about how you might contribute to our work we are always happy to listen.

"It’s not just about football; it's about tackling homophobia in one of the nation’s biggest institutions, and in doing so, communicating a zero tolerance attitude to our nation and ultimately the world"

Darren Ollerton - Director

How to get involved

Please contact us for an application form or a friendly chat about your future involvement with The Justin Campaign.

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Volunteer Opportunities

You can also contact us for information on the following volunteer opportunities:

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